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ADMIXUS® is a line of polyethylene-based admixtures which are engineered to improve the performance of concrete and cement-containing products. ADMIXUS® has been shown to improve compression strength, reduce drying shrinkage, and reduce bleed in concrete. The unique three-dimensional structure of these admixtures gives rise to shear-thinning rheological properties, leading to improved finishing characteristics – mixes containing ADMIXUS® can be finished faster, remain workable longer, are easy to move but stay put once finished, and provide a smooth finish with reduced bug hole formation.

ADMIXUS® admixtures are available in the following varieties:

Grade Primary Purpose Click to View:
AS Architectural Stone Tech Data MSDS
ES Early Strength
LS Low Shrinkage

ADMIXUS® Admixtures for Architectural Stone

ADMIXUS® Admixtures for Cast Concrete

ADMIXUS® Admixtures for Indoor Flooring

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