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Refractory & Casting


Are you feeling the heat?  A bit under pressure?  If you’re in the refractory or investment casting business, your products certainly are.  MiniFIBERS can help with that.

With a melt point of 124oC, our Ventylene™ Low Melt PE fiber allows for earlier release of moisture vapors and volatile gases than traditional refractory fibers.  Our tiny, three-dimensional Short Stuff® fibrillated HDPE offers superior performance in investment casting slurries and finely detailed molds.  And Refrac™ polypropylene uses proven technology to provide safety and structural integrity to traditional refractory products.

Let us help you “take the heat without cracking.”

Type Melt Point (oC) Click to View:
Ventylene™ Low Melt PE Fibers 124 Tech Data MSDS
Refrac™ Polypropylene Fibers 165 Tech Data MSDS
SHORT STUFF® Fibrillated HDPE 135 Tech Data MSDS

The following information about the use of our fibers in refractory & casting is available on line (click to view):

Brochure: Fibers for Refractory and Casting