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Custom Processing

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MiniFIBERS, Inc. performs a variety of toll or custom fiber processing services.

Custom or Toll Multifilament Fiber Cutting

Are you having trouble cutting your multifilament yarn or tow to the lengths your customers desire with consistent, high-quality results? Are you trying to find a particular type of fiber in short cut lengths, but your suppliers claim it can’t be cut? MiniFIBERS has been cutting fiber for over 50 years, and we routinely find ways to cut fiber that other companies can’t. When it comes to multifilament fibers, we like to think that if we can’t cut it, no one can. Customers may purchase uncut multifilament yarn or tow and have it shipped to MiniFIBERS to be precision cut and forwarded to them. We also provide toll fiber cutting for multifilament fiber manufacturers, cutting, packaging, and labeling their fibers to their specifications. The tolled fibers can then be shipped to the manufacturer’s distribution centers, or shipped directly to customers with complete confidentiality. Some of the specialty multifilament fibers MiniFIBERS has cut include meta-aramid and para-aramid fibers, fluoropolymer (PTFE and PVDF) fibers, liquid crystal polymer (LCP) fibers, oxidized PAN fibers, polybenzimidazole (PBI) fibers, polyoxadiazole (POD) fibers, spandex or elastane fibers, and ultra high molecular weight (UHMW) fibers.

Custom or Toll Multifilament Yarn Extrusion

MiniFIBERS offers custom production of specialty multifilament yarns via the melt extrusion process. Using either conventional or highly specialized polymers provided by our customers, as well as any additives or spin finishes required, our custom built equipment can produce partially oriented yarns (POY) or undrawn yarns made to your specifications, ranging from 80 to 2700 denier and 6 to 247 filaments, and we can further process the yarn to meet needs outside of these ranges. Our on site laboratory is able to accurately test and report a wide variety of parameters such as denier, elongation, tenacity, modulus, shrinkage, and other properties as required. We also offer pilot trial services to prove new or novel polymers, taking your project from a pellet to a yarn and, if desired, converting the yarn into short or staple length fibers for use in a variety of applications.  We are able to assist with the creation, characterization, and commercialization of new fiber products with complete confidentiality.

Custom or Toll Pulp Fluffing, Drying, and Shredding

MiniFIBERS has over 40 years of experience in fluffing and drying of wet lap pulp, as well as shredding or opening of pulp fibers. MiniFIBERS can process your pulp, package it to your specifications, and ship it anywhere in the world. If you have pulp that needs to be fluffed, dried, or shredded, MiniFIBERS is the place to get the job done!

Custom Fiber Finishing

MiniFIBERS offers a variety of specialty fiber finishes which can be applied during the extrusion or cutting process to improve the performance of the fibers in specific processes or applications. We can also apply custom finishes supplied by our customers.

Custom Fiber Packaging / Toll Repackaging

MiniFIBERS can produce fibers in a variety of packaging options, including completely repulpable packaging, or customer-supplied packaging materials. We also offer toll fiber repackaging services for fiber manufacturers, packaging and labeling their products to their specifications, then shipping it to their distribution centers or directly to their customers on a confidential basis.

Please contact us if you would like more information about our custom or toll fiber services.