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SHORT STUFF® for Fumed Silica Replacement

In industrial coatings, SHORT STUFF® is an outstanding rheology modifier, effectively replacing Fumed Silica to reduce cost.


  • SHORT STUFF® Fibrillated HDPE is a price competitive alternative to Fumed Silica, and may provide equal rheology at up to 50% less by weight in Epoxy systems.
  • Fibrillated HDPE has a much higher density than Fumed Silica, resulting in reduced shipping cost and less storage space required.

Consistent & predictable performance

  • SHORT STUFF® works physically to impact rheology, so performance variation is reduced regardless of the resin used.
  • SHORT STUFF® provides consistent, reproduceable rheology even at elevated or reduced environmental temperatures, without the fluctuation often observed in Fumed Silica systems.

Eliminates or reduces nuisance dust issues

  • Fibrillated HDPE is non-dusting and much easier to handle than Fumed Silica.

Short Stuff vs. Fumed Silica in Epoxy-Methoxypropanol

What do I need to know about using SHORT STUFF® as a fumed silica alternative?

Does the application currently use hydrophobic or hydrophylic Fumed Silica?

  • Treated Fumed Silica is hydrophobic
  • Untreated SHORT STUFF® is hydrophobic

What are the gloss or sheen requirements?

  • SHORT STUFF® may reduce the gloss/sheen if a large grade is used

Is film clarity a requirement?

  • SHORT STUFF® remains opaque after dispersion

Where should I add SHORT STUFF® in a 2K Epoxy system?

  • Add to part A for medium to high viscosity Epoxy systems
  • Add to part B for low viscosity Epoxy systems

What is the applied film thickness?

  • SHORT STUFF® is limited to wet film thickness of 3+ mils to prevent texture or visible fibers in the dry film

What are the drying conditions?  Air dry, force dry, oven dry?

  • SHORT STUFF® will melt at 135C/275F.

Please contact us if you have other questions about using SHORT STUFF® Fibrillated HDPE as a fumed silica substitute.