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Rethink Your Rheology™

In a variety of applications, SHORT STUFF® Fibrillated HDPE is an outstanding rheology modifier, effectively replacing Fumed Silica while providing several performance enhancing benefits.

Consistent & predictable performance

  • SHORT STUFF® works physically to impact rheology, so performance variation is reduced regardless of the resin used.
  • SHORT STUFF® performance is not compromised or influenced by system pH or normal batch temperatures.
  • SHORT STUFF® provides consistent, reproduceable rheology even at elevated or reduced environmental temperatures, without the fluctuation often observed in Fumed Silica systems.

Eliminates or reduces nuisance dust issues

  • Fibrillated HDPE is non-dusting and much easier to handle than Fumed Silica.
  • Handling of Short Stuff® requires minimal PPE.
  • Less dusting equals less potential for cross-contamination.


  • SHORT STUFF® may provide equal rheology at up to 50% less by weight in Epoxy systems.
  • Fibrillated HDPE has a much higher density than Fumed Silica, resulting in reduced shipping cost and less storage space required.
  • Predictable, repeatable results equals less time spent making batch adjustments and fewer failed batches.

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