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Lyocell Fibers

Precision Cut Lyocell Cellulose-Based Fibers

Short cut Lyocell fibers are used for absorbency, and for reinforcement in high heat applications.
Our precision cut Lyocell fibers are available in the following varieties:

Denier per Filament (dpf) Standard Lengths Click to View:
1.0 1/4″ and longer Tech Data MSDS
3.0 1/4″ and longer Tech Data

Shorter lengths and other diameters may be available upon request.
Click here for common measurement conversions.

Transportation Information:
Inland US NMFC Item Number: 68310
Contact us for sub-item number and freight class.
Proper Shipping Name: Rayon Fibers
Harmonized Tariff Code: 5504.10

Feel free to contact us if you require any information about our precision cut Lyocell fiber which is not listed.