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Specialty Melt-Spun Yarns

Customized melt-spun multifilament yarns


With our custom built melt spinning equipment, MiniFIBERS has the ability to extrude polymers into customized multifilament yarns designed to meet your particular needs. We also offer pilot trial services to take your project from pellet to yarn and, if desired, convert the yarn into short or staple fibers for specific applications. Our made-to-order yarns are used in textile, composite, and filtration applications.

We can melt spin total deniers from 80 to 2700, with filament counts from 6 to 247, and we can further process the yarn to meet needs outside of these ranges. Our on site laboratory is able to accurately test and report denier, elongation, tenacity, modulus, shrinkage, and other properties as required.

Our standard polymer types include:
Low Melt PE PBT Hytrel® TPC-ET
Others, including HDPE and PPS, are available upon request.

Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.