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MiniFIBERS, Inc. offers a wide selection of precision cut fibers, synthetic pulps, and specially extruded yarns, and packages them to meet your needs. Our vision is to be your preferred supplier of specialty and industrial raw material fibers.

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MiniFIBERS, Inc. has established a comprehensive worldwide distribution network utilizing qualified distributors to provide quality products to a variety of global markets. Please contact us directly if you are in an area not highlighted above.

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Precision Cut Fibers

MiniFIBERS, Inc. was founded in 1967 upon patented cutting technology, developed by G.B. Keith, which produced precision cut synthetic fibers with exceptional consistency and quality.  We continue to supply these products today in lengths ranging from 3mm to 51mm.

Fybrel® Synthetic Wood Pulp

Fybrel® is a unique, highly fibrillated, high density polyethylene product which functions as a synthetic version of wood pulp in a variety of wet laid applications, including specialty papers, filtration media, and fully synthetic nonwovens.

Short Stuff® Fibrillated HDPE

Short Stuff® fibrillated HDPE is produced in Tennessee using our proprietary process which begins with Fybrel® wet lap. The end result is an outstanding additive for coatings, adhesives, sealants, construction applications, and more.

Specialty Extruded Yarns

MiniFIBERS, Inc.  produces multifilament POY from a variety of polymers including Hytrel®, PBT, Kynar® PVDF, PPS, Low Melt LLDPE, and others.  Our made-to-order yarns are used in textile, composite, and filtration applications.

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