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MiniFIBERS, Inc. offers a wide range of precision cut fibers, synthetic pulps, and specialty extruded yarns, and packages them to meet your needs.  Our vision is to be your preferred supplier of specialty and industrial raw material fibers.




Visit us at Booth #1644

 May 13 - 15, 2014 -  Atlanta, GA, USA


Customer Service is our philosophy.  It is our goal to exceed the expectations of our customers by offering our highest level of service to all.  We seek to create value-added relationships that anticipate and address the needs of our customers.


Quality is our commitment.  We are dedicated to consistently providing the highest quality precision cut fibers, synthetic pulps, and specialty extruded yarns available.  Our products can help make your products the best.


Technical Assistance is our specialty.  MiniFibers' staff is knowledgeable about various industries, equipment, and processes, and can assist not only with fiber selection but also with proper techniques for use.  Let us put our experience to work for you!


Product Samples of our precision cut fibers, synthetic pulps, and specialty extruded yarns are available upon request. MiniFIBERS is more than happy to let you "put us to the test."


Toll or Custom Fiber Services are available, including toll or custom cutting of multifilament fibers, extrusion of specialty multifilament yarns, fluffing and drying of wet lap pulp, shredding or opening of pulp fibers, custom fiber finishing, and custom packaging or toll repackaging of fibers.


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