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Fybrel® Synthetic Wood Pulp

Fybrel® synthetic pulps are used for thermal bonding, moldability, embossability, and as a moisture barrier. Unlike traditional wood pulp, Fybrel® does not absorb moisture or promote microbial growth.  Fybrel® synthetic pulps are available in wet lap sheets, packaged in bale form with moisture contents of 30-66%.  Fybrel® is available in the following varieties:

Product Code Avg. Fiber Length (mm) Fiber Diameter (microns) Melt Point (oC) Click to View:
ESS2 0.6 5 135 MSDS Tech Data
ESS5 0.1 5 135
EST2 0.9 5 135
EST8 0.9 5 135
E400 0.9 15 135
E620 1.3 15 135
E699 1.2 22 135
E790 1.6 20 135
E990 2.1 20 135
AU690 1.2 123 MSDS
NL491 1.0 26 100 MSDS

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Transportation Information:
Inland US NMFC Item Number: 68310 Sub 9
Inland US Freight Class: 70
Proper Shipping Name: Polyethylene Pulp
Harmonized Tariff Code: 3920.10

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