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Highly Fibrillated HDPE Fibers

SHORT STUFF® highly fibrillated HDPE fibers are a unique form of polyolefin fibers having properties which offer many advantages over conventional products, such as fumed silica or cellulosics, in certain applications.  These fibers can be used in coatings, block fillers, stucco, adhesives, putties, mastics, grouts, caulks, sealants, casting slurries, and more.  Due to their high efficiency, only a small percentage of fibers is required.

The advantages of using SHORT STUFF® fibrillated HDPE fibers include:

  • Reduced cracking and shrinkage
  • Improved dimensional stability
  • Improved film formation
  • Highly effective particle suspension
  • Improved water resistance
  • Improved sag and slump resistance
  • Predictable shear thinning rheology
  • Reduces dusting from other products
  • Resists biological growth
  • Low oil absorption
  • Does not swell
  • Withstands high shear
  • Non-hazardous
  • Wet or dry mix application
  • Smooth or textured coatings
  • Hydrophilic or hydrophobic varieties available

The following literature about SHORT STUFF® fibrillated HDPE fiber is available on line (click to view):

SHORT STUFF® Fibrillated HDPE Product Brochure

SHORT STUFF® Technical Data Sheet

SHORT STUFF® Safety Data Sheet

List of SHORT STUFF® Incompatible Solvents

Suggested Formulations for Products Containing SHORT STUFF®


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Transportation Information:
Inland US NMFC Item Number: 68310 Sub 6
Inland US Freight Class: 100
Proper Shipping Name: Polyethylene Pulp
Harmonized Tariff Code: 3901.20


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