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SHORT STUFF® fibrillated HDPE fibers provide general reinforcement, crack resistance, reduced shrinkage, viscosity control, particle suspension, shear thinning, and improved dimensional stability without absorbing other ingredients or reducing shelf life. SHORT STUFF® fibrillated HDPE fiber is available in the following varieties:

Grade Average Length (millimeters) Diameter (microns) Melt Point (oF) Click to View:
ESS2F ~0.6 5 ~275 Tech Data MSDS
ESS5F ~0.1 5 ~275
ESS50F* ~0.1 5 ~275
E380F ~0.55-0.80 15 ~275
E505F* ~0.8-1.1 15 ~275
E620F ~0.85-1.40 15 ~275
E780F ~1.3-2.0 20 ~275
E990F ~1.7-2.2 20 ~275

* Selected grades for improved dispersion in low shear aqueous systems.

The following literature about SHORT STUFF® fibrillated HDPE fiber is available on line (click to view):

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Suggested Formulations for Products Containing SHORT STUFF®


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Transportation Information:
Inland US NMFC Item Number: 68310 Sub 6
Inland US Freight Class: 100
Proper Shipping Name: Polyethylene Pulp
Harmonized Tariff Code: 3901.20


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